Sunday, 4 December 2011

Winx club Special Nick version

After re-watching the winx club special episode, I can't agree that I like it as much as the original one. It's just the episode is mostly about bloom and less her friends. Soon I'll take this film not winx but bloom or something else because it's more adventure of bloom. Second the voice.... Well just doesn't fit the character in my opinion or something missing aalthough I admit they're getting better. I like the old voice. I like bloom season 1 voice and the rest too especially musa one in season 3 ;). And I just can't feel the episode because the adventure is too fast. Third they change the dialogue a lot. There are some good lines or funny lines I like in the original but in Nick special they change it. Fourth I don't like the new transformation by callling it charmix in season 1 because in season 2 they don't earned the charmix thing. Fifth my favorite scene are cut such as when musa sings in episode 15 season 2.

And after I re-watch the original from season 1-3 I really prefer the original one and miss the old voice :((. And it makes me can't wait for season 5!!

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